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The Component of Intrigue [How to Avoid Being Just Another Salesperson]

stand out with intrigue

Do You Ever Really feel Like You’re Simply One other Salesperson?

Trying round on the state of the gross sales trade right now, I get the sense that everybody’s strategies are precisely the identical. I feel too many gross sales organizations, salespeople AND gross sales leaders are enjoying from the identical playbook.


I don’t see sufficient innovation. I spend an unimaginable period of time with salespeople and gross sales leaders, and the most typical factor I see is how related all of them are. Most everybody hires based mostly on the identical hiring rules. Most everybody prospects utilizing the identical prospecting rules. Account planning, contests, chilly calling, efficiency opinions, product pitches, quota administration, and so on. all look just about the identical. It seems like everyone seems to be studying from the identical script.

There’s a surprising lack of originality in right now’s gross sales organizations. I see a number of the identical from firm to firm.

I don’t see sufficient salespeople being artistic and distinctive of their prospecting or promoting. I don’t see sufficient gross sales leaders instituting unconventional, distinctive, artistic processes, methods, methodologies, or processes to achieve a bonus. Everyone seems to be enjoying from the identical playbook.

Winners win, as a result of they do issues in another way. They see issues in another way than others. Winners create their very own playbook.

Are you enjoying from the identical playbook as everybody else?

The Intrigue Issue

That is the place the idea of intrigue is available in. The human mind spends years creating patterns to assist us observe (or block out) the issues round us. In the event you consciously ignore the identical message time and again, your mind will choose up on patterns of belongings you don’t wish to give your power to. Finally, blocking out these messages turns into computerized.

Insert intrigue: the component to disrupt your mind’s pop-up blocker. When one thing is unfamiliar and new, the human mind can’t assist however cease and do a double-take. The component of intrigue is sort of a cheat code to get across the computerized “no” filter in your prospect’s mind. While you’re in a position to set off curiosity by intrigue, the prospect virtually can’t assist however cease and pay attention.

Fortunately, my group did all of the work so that you don’t need to. Try our free e-book that breaks down the idea of intrigue (and all of the loopy science behind it) proper right here on our web site.

Discover ways to create intrigue and begin your new artistic journey! 



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