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Sanofi Pasteur is the worldwide market chief in all classes of aP-based pediatric mixture vaccines

A brand new report has simply been launched analysing the worldwide utilization patterns and the volumes administered by model throughout aP-based hexavalent, pentavalent and college entry booster vaccines.

It examines a number of key indicators throughout toddler major sequence, toddler booster and pre-school booster vaccinations in nations that signify at the least 95% of the worldwide quantity for every class.

Get an summary of the report beneath, and click on right here to obtain a full copy.

The function for pediatric mixture vaccines.

Mixture vaccines immunise infants towards diphtheria (D), tetanus (T), pertussis (P), poliomyelitis (IPV), hepatitis B and illnesses attributable to Haemophilus influenza kind b. They’re really helpful for major vaccination and toddler booster administration in three or 4 doses.

Hexavalent vaccines goal all six of those illnesses, while pentavalent vaccines goal all bar hepatitis B. Primarily based on the pertussis antigen part, pediatric mixture vaccines will be both DTaP (acellular pertussis) or DTwP (whole-cell pertussis).

As a result of immunity wanes over time and kids are at larger threat of an infection as soon as they begin faculty, an extra booster is run between the ages of three and seven. These faculty entry booster vaccines are both trivalent (DTaP, Tdap) or tetravalent (DTaP-IPV, Tdap-IPV).

Greater than 310 million doses had been administered in 2020.

The examine finds that world demand for pediatric mixture vaccines in 2020 was 313.2 million doses, a 4.2% lower over the 12 months prior. It attributes the decline to healthcare measures taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report’s major focus is on aP-based mixture vaccines. These are most frequently administered in public markets (i.e. markets the place vaccines are procured and financed by the federal government relatively than being paid for by personal people or by insurance coverage schemes). Public markets are most frequently present in excessive and upper-middle revenue nations.

aP-based vaccines accounted for 23% of the worldwide quantity. Greater than 30 million doses of each hexavalent and pentavalent vaccines had been administered.

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Europe accounts for the most important share of aP-based pediatric mixture vaccines. It represents effectively over a 3rd of world consumption for hexavalent and pentavalent vaccines, and practically half of college entry booster vaccines.

Sanofi Pasteur’s market share is above 60% in each hexavalent and pentavalent vaccines.

Amongst the commercially accessible manufacturers of aP-based hexavalent vaccines, Sanofi Pasteur’s Hexaxim® had a share by quantity of 67% (roughly 22 million doses). It was adopted by Infanrix Hexa® from GSK with 26%.

Within the public markets analysed, Hexaxim® commanded a fair greater share. It was the clear chief in each European and emergent markets.

Within the prime 33 markets, round 3.8 million doses of hexavalent vaccine had been used for preterm infants. Absolutely liquid and able to use, Hexaxim® was the one vaccine used for preterms in 16 nations, together with Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Macedonia and Norway.

With 62% share (roughly 21 million doses), Pentaxim® (Sanofi Pasteur) was the market chief in pentavalent vaccines. Many of the remaining quantity was cut up between Pentacel® (Sanofi Pasteur) and Pediarix® (GSK).

Almost 10 million doses of tetravalent faculty entry booster vaccines had been administered in 2020. Tetraxim® (Sanofi Pasteur) represented greater than 47% of those, virtually double that of second-placed Infanrix-IPV/Kinrix®.

Primarily based on shut examination of cross-category information, the report concludes that Sanofi Pasteur is the worldwide chief within the aP-based pediatric mixture vaccines market.

Discover out extra.

A White Paper To Perceive The Market Construction Of Pediatric Pertussis Mixture Vaccines comprises wealthy insights on worldwide utilization patterns for hexavalent, pentavalent and college entry booster vaccines, along with the volumes administered by model.

To obtain your copy, click on right here.



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