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Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Final Worth”

 / Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Final Worth”

A Drawback assertion: How one can exclude weeks and months from the Flex Desk card that aren’t but full so customers don’t suppose the interval over interval numbers are mushy?

A Resolution Assertion: This secret sauce permits for a real week over week or month over month comparability by excluding the present week or month that hasn’t but accomplished.

Demo: Use a beast mode to dynamically restrict your knowledge to exclude the present week or month from the Flex Desk card.  Successfully this may change Penultimate Worth to “Two weeks in the past” and Final Worth to “Final week” as a substitute of “Final week” and “Present week”.

My “Secret Sauce”: Create a beast mode named “Week Filter” or “Month Filter” with the next formulation.

NOTE: WEEKOFYEAR() operate might be substituted with MONTH() and `ACTIVITY_DATE` is your date knowledge discipline in your dataset.

This may give the present interval a worth of ‘0’ that you would be able to then filter in your card to be “Not In” ‘0’. Your “Final Worth” in your Flex desk turns into final week as a substitute of present week and your “Penultimate Worth” turns into two weeks in the past. You’ll want to change your column names to be clear within the Normal part of the Chart Properties part of your card!



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