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Christian Nickel’s securities fraud from Dubai

Be Infinity operates within the training and buying and selling MLM niches.

Be Infinity operates as a Hong Kong shell firm, headed up by founder Christian Nickel, who additionally goes by the alias “Chriz Nickel”.

Nickel, who additionally goes by “Chriz Nickel”, discovered average success in Eaconomy circa 2019:

Eaconomy collapsed in March 2020. After which Nickel launched a PR spam marketing campaign:

In one of many spam articles Nickel reveals his MLM historical past;

Right this moment he’s a worldwide gross sales director at his firm and is related to many different MLM firms like Wealth Mills, Imarketslive, Economic system and Auvoria Prime.

Lengthy story quick, Nickel was a no person in MLM until round 2017 – when he bought concerned in MLM foreign exchange scams.

You’ve in all probability observed commodities fraud being a recurring theme within the MLM firms Nickel has promoted. We’ll get extra into that within the conclusion of the evaluation.

Sooner or later throughout his promotion of MLM firms committing commodities fraud, Nickel relocated from Germany to Dubai.

Dubai is the MLM crime capital of the world.

BehindMLM’s tips for Dubai are:

  1. If somebody lives in Dubai and approaches you about an MLM alternative, they’re attempting to rip-off you.
  2. If an MLM firm is predicated out of or represents it has ties to Dubai, it’s a rip-off.

If you wish to know precisely how this is applicable to Be Infinity, learn on for a full evaluation.

Be Infinity’s Merchandise

Be Infinity markets subscriptions to Infinity Academy:

The academy gives you with all of the vital abilities within the areas: cash, foreign exchange, taxes, shares, crypto.

Be Infinity clients even have entry to crypto, foreign exchange and inventory reside buying and selling periods, in addition to an auto buying and selling bot and varied sign instruments.

Infinity Academy subscriptions vary from month-to-month to annual:

  • Fundamental Bronze – $129 a month (entry to “fundamental content material”)
  • Fundamental Silver – $314.97 after which $299.97 a month (similar as Bronze however get a ten% low cost on Be Infinity occasions)
  • Fundamental Gold – $614.94 after which $599.94 a month (25% low cost on Be Infinity occasions plus crypto worth analyzer)
  • Fundamental Platinum – $1214.88 after which $1199.88 yearly (similar as Fundamental Gold however “stage seat 2nd row at occasions”)
  • Fundamental Small Enterprise – $2414.76 after which $2399.76 each three years (similar as Fundamental Gold however “stage seat 1st row at occasions”)
  • Fundamental Huge Enterprise – $9014.10 after which $8999.10 each ten years (description is similar as Fundamental Small Enterprise)
  • Fundamental Infinity – $20,013 after which $19,998 each twenty-five years (description is similar as Fundamental Small Enterprise)

Be Infinity’s auto buying and selling bot is $29.99 a month – however you must purchase and preserve one of many subscriptions above to entry it.

Be Infinity’s Compensation Plan

Be Infinity’s compensation plan pays on subscription gross sales to retail clients and recruited associates.

Be Infinity Affiliate Ranks

There are 13 affiliate ranks inside Be Infinity’s compensation plan.

Together with their respective qualification standards, they’re as follows:

  • Affiliate – join as a Be Infinity affiliate and keep updated with charges
  • Visionary – generate and preserve 2000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity
  • Influencer – generate and preserve 5000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity
  • Ambassador – generate and preserve 10,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity
  • Sapphire – generate and preserve 20,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity (capped 80% from anybody recruitment leg)
  • Ruby – generate and preserve 50,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity (capped 80% from anybody recruitment leg)
  • Emerald – generate and preserve 100,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity (capped 80% from anybody recruitment leg)
  • Diamond – generate and preserve 200,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity (capped 70% from anybody recruitment leg)
  • Blue Diamond – generate and preserve 500,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity (capped 70% from anybody recruitment leg)
  • Purple Diamond – generate and preserve 1,000,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity (capped 70% from anybody recruitment leg)
  • Black Diamond – generate and preserve 5,000,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity (capped 70% from anybody recruitment leg)
  • Double Black Diamond – generate and preserve 10,000,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity (capped 70% from anybody recruitment leg)
  • Infinity Diamond – generate and preserve 20,000,000 GV in month-to-month unilevel crew quantity (capped 60% from anybody recruitment leg)

GV stands for “Group Quantity”. Group quantity is gross sales quantity derived by subscription purchases by an affiliate, their retail clients and downline associates (immediately and not directly recruited).

Residual Commissions (unilevel)

A unilevel compensation construction locations an affiliate on the high of a unilevel crew, with each personally recruited affiliate positioned immediately beneath them (degree 1):

If any degree 1 associates recruit new associates, they’re positioned on degree 2 of the unique affiliate’s unilevel crew.

If any degree 2 associates recruit new associates, they’re positioned on degree 3 and so forth and so forth down a theoretical infinite variety of ranges.

Every Be Infinity subscription generates a specific amount of unilevel crew GV.

Be Infinity pays residual commissions as a rank differential, starting from 4% at Affiliate to 25% at Double Black Diamond and better.

  • Associates earn a 4% residual fee fee
  • Visionarys earn a 6% residual fee fee
  • Influencers earn an 8% residual fee fee
  • Ambassadors earn a ten% residual fee fee
  • Sapphires earn a 12% residual fee fee
  • Rubys earn a 14% residual fee fee
  • Emeralds earn a 16% residual fee fee
  • Diamonds earn an 18% residual fee fee
  • Blue Diamonds earn a 20% residual fee fee
  • Purple Diamonds earn a 22% residual fee fee
  • Black Diamonds earn a 24% residual fee fee
  • Double Black Diamonds and better earn a 25% residual fee fee

25% is paid out out on all unilevel crew quantity, with larger ranked associates gathering the distinction paid throughout decrease ranks.

E.g. a Sapphire in your downline generates 100 GV. They earn 12% out of the 25% paid out on that quantity as a residual fee.

This leaves 13% nonetheless to be paid out (25% minus 12%).

The system searches upline throughout the unilevel crew for a Ruby or larger ranked affiliate. When one is discovered, they obtain their rank residual fee fee.

If there’s any leftover nonetheless to be paid out, the system continues to go looking additional upline. This continues till the utmost 25% differential is paid out to a Double Black Diamond or larger.

Utilizing the instance above, if the subsequent highest ranked affiliate discovered upline was a Purple Diamond, they’d obtain 10% (22% minus the 12% already paid out).

This nonetheless leaves 3%, which might go to upline Black Diamond and better ranked associates.

Observe that anytime a Double Black Diamond or larger ranked affiliate generates or is discovered upline throughout the unilevel crew, they both obtain the total 25% residual fee fee or no matter is left to be paid out. Nothing is handed up.

Matching Bonus

Be Infinity pays a Matching Bonus on residual unilevel commissions earned by downline associates.

The Matching Bonus is paid out on residual commissions earned down two unilevel crew ranges (two ranges of recruitment):

  • degree 1 (personally recruited associates) – 9%
  • degree 2 – 3%

All Be Infinity associates qualify for the Matching Bonus.

Residual Commissions (binary)

A binary compensation construction locations an affiliate on the high of a binary crew, break up into two sides (left and proper):

The primary degree of the binary crew homes two positions. The second degree of the binary crew is generated by splitting these first two positions into one other two positions every (4 positions).

Subsequent ranges of the binary crew are generated as required, with every new degree housing twice as many positions because the earlier degree.

Positions within the binary crew are crammed through direct and oblique recruitment of associates. Observe there is no such thing as a restrict to how deep a binary crew can develop.

Be Infinity pays residual binary commissions in line with cycles.

A cycle is generated when 200 GV is matched on either side of the binary crew.

Residual binary commissions are calculated month-to-month. How a lot a Be Infinity affiliate earns per cycle generated throughout the binary crew is set by rank:

  • Associates to Influencers earn $15 per cycle
  • Ambassadors to Diamonds earn $20 per cycle
  • Blue Diamonds and better earn $25 per cycle

Observe that unmatched binary crew GV might be rolled over for as much as two years.

Faststart Bonus

Be Infinity associates who rank qualify inside thirty days of signing up qualify for a Faststart Bonus:

  • qualify at Visionary and obtain one further Excessive Efficiency Pool share
  • qualify at Influencer and obtain two further Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • qualify at Ambassador and obtain three further Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • qualify as Sapphire and obtain $1000

The Excessive Efficiency Pool is a weekly bonus. Awarded shares expire as soon as paid out on.

Excessive Efficiency Pool

Be Infinity takes 5% of weekly company-wide generated PV and locations it into the Excessive Efficiency Pool.

Along with the Faststart Bonus (see above), Be Infinity associates qualify for shares within the Excessive Efficiency Pool through items.

Items are generated when a Be Infinity affiliate sells subscriptions to retail clients or personally recruited associates:

  • Fundamental Bronze and Silver subscriptions = 1 unit
  • Fundamental Gold subscription = 2 items
  • Fundamental Platinum subscription = 3 items
  • Fundamental Small Enterprise subscription = 6 items
  • Fundamental Massive Enterprise subscription = 6 items (for 4 weeks)
  • Fundamental Infinity subscription = 12 items (for 4 weeks)

Items are transformed to shares as follows:

  • 3 to five items generated in a month = 1 Excessive Efficiency Pool share
  • 6 or 7 items generated in a month = 2 Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • 8 items generated in a month = 3 Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • 9 items generated in a month = 4 Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • 10 to 12 items generated in a month = 5 Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • 13 to fifteen items generated in a month = 6 Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • 16 or 17 items generated in a month = 7 Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • 18 items generated in a month = 8 Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • 19 items generated in a month = 9 Excessive Efficiency Pool shares
  • 20 items generated in a month = 10 Excessive Efficiency Pool shares

As soon as paid out on, Excessive Efficiency Pool shares expire.

Be Infinity’s compensation plan states that “sure merchandise” can generate double Excessive Efficiency Pool share allocation.

Two examples are supplied nevertheless it’s unclear whether or not these merchandise at all times generate double shares so I’ve omitted them right here.

Becoming a member of Be Infinity

Be Infinity affiliate membership is priced throughout 5 subscription tiers:

  • Affiliate Bronze – $10 a month
  • Affiliate Silver – $30 each three months
  • Affiliate Gold – $60 each six months
  • Affiliate Platinum – $130 each 13 months
  • Affiliate Small Enterprise – $270 each 27 months

The price is identical per thirty days, with the one differentiator showing to be comfort.

Be Infinity Conclusion

Be Infinity is a continuation of buying and selling schemes Christian Nickel has been selling since 2017.

Nickel seems to have come to the inevitable conclusion that operating the schemes is way extra worthwhile than selling them.

On the core of Be Infinity is a passive buying and selling bot. All the things else round that’s fluff, current solely to funnel subscribers in the direction of the buying and selling bot.

Be Infinity’s buying and selling bot is your typical “lulz can’t contact our cash!” scheme.

A software program developed by Infinity that’s lent to the shopper as a pure service for a month-to-month price.

The service features a software program which the shopper can customise individually. The client has 100% management over the settings of the software program.

The managed cash is invested right here with an impartial dealer, with out connection to Infinity.

Regardless of makes an attempt to faux Be Infinity isn’t management of funds positioned beneath management of the bot, as supplier of the bot, Be Infinity workouts full management over allotted funds.

As I wish to remind defenders of “lulz can’t contact our cash!” schemes, not your bot, not your trades.

From a regulatory standpoint, the pooling of cash beneath management of a single entity, Be Infinity and its buying and selling bot on this occasion, for the aim of producing a passive return, constitutes a securities providing.

It ought to be apparent Nickel didn’t get up at some point and discover a buying and selling bot beneath his mattress. The supply of Be Infinity’s buying and selling bot just isn’t disclosed to shoppers, that is one other regulatory pink flag.

Regardless of selling buying and selling schemes for 4 years, that Nickel is aware of nothing about buying and selling is apparent.

The primary iteration of Be Infinity (Nickel’s downline from beforehand promoted scams), noticed him funnel traders into Anthony Norman’s LIQ token Ponzis.

LIQ tokens led to monetary catastrophe for all concerned. However by then Nickel had obtained a buying and selling bot from someplace and rebooted Be Infinity.

Be Infinity doesn’t disclose  what their buying and selling bot really trades. Assuming it’s crypto and/or foreign exchange, this requires Be Infinity to register with monetary regulators.

SimilarWeb at present tracks 84% of Be Infinity web site visitors from Germany. That is consistent with Nickel selling scams to a principally German viewers over time.

Different sources of visitors, as of August 2022, are France (7%), Switzerland (5%) and Austria (3%, down 66% month on month).

Be Infinity makes no illustration it has registered with monetary regulators in any of those nations.

Which means, at a minimal, Be Infinity is committing securities fraud.

Upon consideration Nickel made cash selling related unlawful schemes since 2017, it doesn’t take a genius to determine why he’s fled to Dubai.

On the MLM facet of issues Be Infinity deploys retail pseudo-compliance, undercut by the actual fact there’s no differentiation between recruited affiliate subscribers.

A buyer is any particular person within the system who has bought solely buyer merchandise and never an “affiliate package deal”.

If a distributor purchases a buyer product, he/she’s going to nonetheless be known as a distributor however counts as buyer in the direction of the top buyer ratio.

There’s additionally a 55% “buyer ratio” in place, once more undercut by together with recruited associates as clients:

Each lively particular person inside the construction counts as a “product consumer”, and each inactive distributor with an ongoing affiliate package deal counts as a “distributor”.

The system checks whether or not an individual is lively or a distributor has a operating affiliate package deal at 11:59 PM EST on the final day of the corresponding qualification interval.

Inside the Unilevel construction, there have to be greater than 55% “product consumer” to be eligible for payout.

The above courses solely associates with out an Academy subscription as inactive. Which is fascinating as a result of that’s the one time within the compensation plan that definition applies.

It’s additionally fascinating in that if a Be Infinity’s downline is usually associates with out an Academy subscription, they supposedly aren’t getting paid.

This simply additional units up Be Infinity working as a pyramid scheme.

“Lulz can’t contact our cash!” schemes usually finish with the bot blowing up, or admins pulling an “insert excuse right here” exit-scam.

That’s on high of math guaranteeing the vast majority of members in MLM pyramid schemes lose cash.

To sum up Be Infinity;

We’ve got an proprietor with a monitor report of selling scams, Dubai, a Hong Kong shell firm, securities fraud, commodities fraud and pyramid fraud.

You know the way this ends.



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