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9 Finest Practices When Utilizing Reward Video Advertisements – AppLixir


Merely acknowledged, a Reward Video Advert is a type of commercial that offers customers a reward/prize for the time they spent watching the complete video advert. These Advertisements pop up between sport periods and provides gamers the choice to look at a video advert in return for an in-game prize. So, an efficient implementation of this transaction (i.e. watching an Advert for an in-game prize) is essential for a profitable monetization. Listed below are a few of the methods a sport developer can implement Reward Video Advert inside a sport

  1. Advertisements in Dwelling Display screen:

Earlier than beginning the sport, if an advert seems on the house display screen, the consumer has to look at it until the tip for certain. That may assist in getting the monetization technique higher for the video advert.

  1. Revival Rewards Advertisements:

If the consumer loses a stage within the sport, a reward video advert can also be used for the revival. The consumer can revive by watching the entire video advert. In any other case, he/she has to make use of the sport cash or restart the extent.

  1. Cash/ Cash Providing Video Advertisements:

If a consumer chooses to spend cash/cash within the sport for the revival time and again, at one time, he/she could get in need of cash. Then the video advertisements can come alongside, whose reward will likely be some amount of cash or cash. The consumer should watch the video advert full to get the reward.

  1. Every day Reward:

Video commercials can even provide every day rewards. These rewards could embody any booster, cash, or lives for the consumer. For these rewards, the consumer will need to have to look at the video advertisements.

  1. Reward Multiplier on the finish of the extent:

If the consumer has completed the extent with none loss and he wins the sport. Then, a video advert can pop up, recommending to multiply the reward, he has gained. Generally, customers favor watching these advertisements to get multiplied rewards.

  1. One Extra Strive:

When a sport doesn’t have lives possibility for revival, you need to embody a video advert for the consumer to revive. On this means, the consumer can solely revive the sport by watching the advert and there’s no different possibility.

  1. Hints Rewarding Video Advertisements:

If a consumer is taking part in some puzzle or riddle sport, he/she should want some hints to cross some ranges. A video advert can tender the customers with hints to finish their ranges.

  1. Low cost for In-app Sport Retailer Purchases:

If the consumer is exploring the sport retailer, he/she might need a thoughts to purchase one thing. A video advert can provide them the reward of reductions on their purchases. This may encourage them to look at the complete advert and it might help make our monetization higher.

  1. Playable Advertisements:

Playable video games advertisements additionally entice customers they usually like spending the time of advert by taking part in the advert sport. We are able to make our monetization technique higher via playable reward video advertisements.


This record isn’t exhaustive and am certain sport builders have alternative ways of utilizing Reward Video Advertisements inside their respective Video games. Right here at AppLixir, we will analyze your sport to seek out out finest methods of monetizing your sport utilizing Reward Video Advertisements!





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